Tamil Engineer working for a US Charity extrajudicially executed near Colombo

A Tamil Computer Engineer Mr Kathirvel Thayapararaja who was working for a US registered Charity (ITTPO – A US federal tax exempt (501 (c) (3)) organization in the USA and an approved NGO in Sri Lanka ) has been extrajudicially executed by Sri Lankan CID Officers in Avisawala , a town 55 km from Capital  Colombo on 15th Sept 2009. Mr Kathirvel Thayapararaja, born on 02nd of January 1981 is resident from Varivalavu, Karainagar, Jaffna. He is a Computer Engineer graduated from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

He was working for US federal tax exempt (501 (c) (3)) charity ITTPO as President of VanniTech. Sri Lankan CID Officers arrested Mr Kathirvel Thayapararaja for investigation and during their interrogation they extrajudicially executed him on 13th Sept 2009. He was succumbed to injuries and admitted to a hospital in Colombo and passed away on 15th Sept 2009.