Reporter Witness – Scorched earth, craters mark Sri Lanka’s war zone. By JOHN HEILPRIN , AP

– The government has denied firing heavy weapons into what had been a battlefield densely populated with civilians. But the helicopter tour the military gave U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and a group of journalists Saturday revealed widespread devastation. – Another woman, Krishnaleela, 42, said her family came under shelling from the military and one […]

22nd May 2009 – Banned arms’ use caused high casualties in Sri Lanka, says aid worker

By Carol Glatz , Catholic News Service (Editor’s Note: References to the specific aid organization have been deleted at the request of the agency, which is trying to protect its workers.)ROME (CNS) — Sri Lankan government forces killed or injured 25,000-30,000 civilians in the span of just a few days during its final offensive against […]

Mahinda Rajapaksa and ICs accounting on Tamil Civlians inside safe-zone

Before his murderous assault on the so-called safety zone, Mahinda Rajapaksa has always been maintaining that the number of civilians there was only 70,000. But after the first bout of the capture of civilians last month, until Thursday, 247,908 civilians from the safety zone were registered in the internment camps of Vavuniyaa, Pulmoaddai, Mannaar and Jaffna.  After the […]

UN counted 289,915 Tamils in Detention Camps , UNHCR & ICRC refuse to help locating / tracing relatives

As at 26th May 2009, UN local office in Sri Lanka has counted 289,915 Tamils ( excluding Sri Lankan intelligence classified screening and interrogation camps ) who escaped Sri Lankan Government bloodbath in the beaches in Vanni in 50 barbed wire detention camps and the list is reproduced below. Local UNHCR & ICRC is refusing to help locating […]

Tow top Government Officials worked in the Warzone detained in Vanuniya

Tow top Government Officials worked in the Warzone Mr Chelliah Dayananda, a grade-I SLAS officer who was Assistant Government Agent (equivalent of Assistant Collector) of Puthukudiyiruppu and Mr Kandasamy Parthipan, Additional Government Agent of Mullaithivu, are among the senior government officials detained in the Vavuniay camp, sources told War Without Witness.

Victims of Sri Lankan Government’s Genocidal War – 20,000 Identities/Cases confirmed by War Without Witness

Since September 2008, Sri Lankan Government banned access for all the Independent monitors, Humanitarian Workers including UN and the media to the combat zone (Vanni) and systematically isolated the combat zone (Vanni) from the out side world and waged a genocidal war without any witness. The Times, UK  on 30th May 2009 accused Ban Ki-Moon’s Chief of […]