2 UN Staff arrested in Sri Lanka – Taken away by plain cloth men, driving unmarked vehicle – UN Internal News Bulletin

Message from Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator – 23rd June 2009 Arrest of UN staff members Dear colleagues, You may be aware that two UN staff members went missing in Vavuniya on 11 and 12 of June. You may have heard the news from colleagues, or have seen reports in the media. From the facts as we […]

Sri Lankan Government paraded Doctors in custody, to cover-up War Crime Evidences – But, facts speak for it-self

On 8th July 2009, Sri Lankan Government paraded 5 Tamil Doctors (Dr. T.Sathiyamoorthy, Dr. T.Varatharaja, Dr V.Shanmugaraja, Dr. Illancheliyan Pallavan and Dr. S. Sivapalan ), who are currently under Sri Lankan Military Intelligence custody for nearly 2 months, in an effort to cover-up its War Crime Evidences. Those five doctors who acted as the eyes […]

Flooding of Sri Lankan IDP Camps detaining 300,000 tamils, Possible outbreak of Epidemics

Humanrights Organisations expresses concern about reports from the IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps in Vavuniya area housing Sri Lankan Tamil about severe flooding of the camps following heavy rains for the last 2 days. Humanrights Organisations apprehends that the IDP camps will turn into `death traps’ unless urgent measures are taken to safeguard lives of the […]

Culpabale War Criminal Dr Palitha Kohona, named as Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations

Dr Palitha Kohona, an Australian citizen and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary has now assumed duties as the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations, New York.  This new appointment follows the retirement of M.G.S. Palihakkara due to personal reasons.  The appointment is no surprise as Kohana played a strong hand in the recent […]

Atrocities in Sri Lanka – ABC TV Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 14/06/2011 Reporter: Sarah Dingle Fresh evidence has emerged of alleged war crimes during the Sri Lankan civil war. Sarah Dingle reports. Transcript LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: 7.30 has obtained exclusive material, allegedly showing evidence of war crimes at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, two years ago. The photos and […]

Philip Alston seek clarification from Sri Lankan Government on Possible War Crimes by Gotapaya Rajapaksa

Full text of the letter sent by UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary execution to Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations office at Geneva 18 December 2009 Excellency, I have the honour to address you in my capacity as Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions pursuant to General Assembly […]

Sri Lankan Military Intelligence Operatives planning a secret operation to execute Tamil Prisoners of War – HR Activist

A Human Rights activist from Sri Lankan capital Colombo, on conditions of anonymity told WarWithoutWitness that, Sri Lankan Military Intelligence Operatives are planning a secret undercover operation to execute most of the 10,000 odd Tamil Prisoners of War (PoW) before the forthcoming Presidential election to be held on Jan. 26, 2010. WarWithoutWitness couldn’t independently verify […]

Journalist name command officers involved in killing surrendering combatants in Sri Lanka

A Journalist has named the brigade and command officers involved in the execution of surrendering LTTE combatants in Sri Lanka, in the early hours of May 18th 2009.  Names of those Command Officers involved in alleaged War Crimes are, Photo: Special Forces Brigade Commander Colonel Athula Kodippili – Special Forces Regiment were deployed alongside the 59 division : […]

Top UN official expelled from Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka has ordered a senior United Nation’s official to leave Sri Lanka within two weeks. James Elder, a senior official with the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), held a visa until July next year to serve in Sri Lanka. He is the first UN official carrying a UN passport with diplomatic status […]

Photographs of Tamils with ‘dog-tag’ imprisoned at undisclosed torture camps in Sri Lanka

Media has much reported on the fate of more than 300,000 tamil IDPs currently held in internment camps funded by UN and International agencies and their lack of freedom of movement. These rare images emerging from Sri Lanka shows the forgotten storey of Tamils who are “dog-tag”ed and arrested by Sri Lankan Military Officers for […]