A Sample Catalogue of Rape used as a tactic of war in Sri Lanka – 1996 to 2001

“..Now, reading the headlines, one might think that the use of rape as a tactic of war only happens occasionally, or in a few places, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Sudan. That would be bad enough, but the reality is much worse. We’ve seen rape used as a tactic of war before in Bosnia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere. In too many countries and in too many cases, the perpetrators of this violence are not punished, and so this impunity encourages further attacks..”
– Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State in UN

A Sample Catalogue of Rape used as a tactic of war in Sri Lanka – 1996 to 2001


11.05.96 Displaced unknown Woman at Kodikamam was raped and killed by unknown soldiers

19.05.96 Sri Ranjani (18), Puvaneswari (36) and Rajeswari (38) Sarasaalai by unknown soldiers. Rajeswari was Sri Ranjani’s mother and Puvaneswaris sister.

19.05.96 Woman (Name undisclosed)-Colombothurai-Armed forces

07-04.96 (45) woman-Thiyavettuvaan-Soldiers

01.05.96 Pushpamalar (22)-Kachchaai-Soldiers

09.08.96 K.Baleswari-Kerudaavil-Armed Forces

07.09.96 Krishanthi Kumarasamy (18)-Kaithady – Soldiers stationed at Chemmani search point. (Tried and sentenced)

08. 09.96 Vasuki-Jaffna-Six Soldiers (area unknown)

10.09.96 55-year-old woman-Thirunelvely in Jaffna-Soldiers (area unknown)

11.09.96 Thanaletchumi (17)-Kiliveddy in Mutur-Armed forces

Oct 1996 Letchumipillai-Trincomalee-Armed forces

Nov 1996 Young Girl in Vavuniya-Armed forces.

03.11. 96 Kanapathipillai Sornamma (35) Pattiyachcholai in Kalkudah-Army stationed in Kalkudah

12.11.96 S.Thenuka (Ten Years) Pathaimeni in Atchuvely-Armed forces

31.12.96 S. Siva sothy-Mandoor-Special Task Force at Mandoor.

Dec 96 P. Vanitha-Mayilambaaveli Housing Scheme-Army stationed at Mayilambaavely


09.01.97 S.Navamani P. Jeyanthi (22) and K.Mekala (16)-Thiyavettuvaan-Defence Personnel at Valaichenai Paper Factory Camp. Jeyanthi and Mekala were Navamani’s daughters.

Mar. 1997 Woman Worker at Kalliankaadu garment factory-Kalladi Road Batticaloa-PLOTE (Mohan Group)

17.03.97 V. Rasamma (39) and V.Vasantha (28) at Mayilambaavely by soldiers stationed there. Both were sisters.

17.05.97 Murugesapillai Koneswari (35)-Amparai Central Camp Colony-Central Camp Police .

19.05.97 Kirubadevi (37)-Madduvil North-Soldiers

17.07.97 Vijayarani (17)-Araly-soldiers

05.08.97 Sinnappu Pakkiyam-(37)-Maavadivembu-Armed Forces at Maavadivembu

19.08.97 S Rajini-Vipulananda Street, Valaichenai-Army at Harbour.

05.09.97 Bala ndhi (Six years)-Atchuvely-Soldiers

12.09.97 Rajan i Velauthapillai (23)-Urumpirai North-Soldiers in Kondavil

16.10.97 Thanganayaki (49)-Amparai-Home Guards

28.10.97 (40) woman-Manthikai-(Soldiers)

12.07.97 K.Chandrakala (20)-Alvai. Soldiers

06.11.97 Shyamala (17)-Pallai-Soldiers

25.12.97 K. Amutha-Vidathaltheevu, Mannar-(Police)

27.12.97 Savari Madelleine (31)-Sorikkalmunai-5 division-Sorikkalmunai (STF)


16.03.98 S. Selvarani (28)-Meesaalai-(Soldiers)

15.04.98 P. Ajanthanaa (17)-Ariyaalai-(Police)

07.05.98 Mentally Retarded woman (36) Nochchikkulam, Mannar-(Armed Forces)

22.06.98 K.Ragini (23)-Panichchankerni-(Army at Panichchankerni).

16.07. 98 N. Bhavani (46) Thirunelvely, Jaffna-(Soldiers)


11.07. 99 Ida Carmelita-Pallimunai in Mannar-(Soldiers from Pallimunai Detachment)

17.12.99 N. Vijayalatchumi (19)-Kalmadu, Valaichenai-Tamil ParaMilitary Group in East.

28.12.99 Saravanabavaan Sarathambal ( 20)-Punkudutheevu, 10th division-Naval personnel


21.06.00 Nagalingam Yogalingam Vijitha-Negombo-tortured and assaulted in custody by Negumbo Police


01.02.01 T. Ananthy (28 )-Chettipaalaiam-(Special task force)

19.03. 01 S. Siva mani (22)-Uppukulam, Mannar-Counter Subversive Unit and Navy.

19.03. 2001 – N. Vijikala (22)-Uppukulam, Mannar-(CSU and Navy)

19.05.01 Siva rajani-Haig Rd , Bambalapitiya-Alleged Sexual assault by Police and Lodge Management.

19.05. 2001 Vimalathevi-Haig Road, Bambalapitiya-Alleged sexual assault by Police and Lodge Management.

24.06.01 28-year-old mother of two-at Maradana checkpoint – Alleged gang rape by Police and Army.