Sri Lankan Military Intelligence Operatives planning a secret operation to execute Tamil Prisoners of War – HR Activist

A Human Rights activist from Sri Lankan capital Colombo, on conditions of anonymity told WarWithoutWitness that, Sri Lankan Military Intelligence Operatives are planning a secret undercover operation to execute most of the 10,000 odd Tamil Prisoners of War (PoW) before the forthcoming Presidential election to be held on Jan. 26, 2010. WarWithoutWitness couldn’t independently verify the authenticity or credibility of this alert. Given the track record of human rights violations by Sri Lankan defense forces & the number of peoples life at risk, extracts of the alert is reproduced below ‘AS IS’.

Alert from a Human Rights Activist in Colombo, Sri Lanka;

“ of my friend connected to sri Lankan military, who is concerned about human beings life told that a group of military intelligence personal with the orders from top boss are planning to stage play a secret attack on one of the major camp where LTTE Prisoners are detained without ICRC, UN or outside access. They are planning to use some of the LTTE leaders currently in detention to launch an attack on the prison itself (like a rescue mission from remaining LTTE) and execute LTTE prisoners during the counter attack by military personnel providing security to the prison. It is going to happen before presidential election. If this is done this will be a big killing ..”

Photographs of Tamils with ‘dog-tag’ imprisoned at undisclosed torture camps in Sri Lanka