Journalist name command officers involved in killing surrendering combatants in Sri Lanka

A Journalist has named the brigade and command officers involved in the execution of surrendering LTTE combatants in Sri Lanka, in the early hours of May 18th 2009.  Names of those Command Officers involved in alleaged War Crimes are,

Photo: Special Forces Brigade Commander Colonel Athula Kodippili

– Special Forces Regiment were deployed alongside the 59 division : Commanded then by Col. Athula Kodipilli. Special Force battalions 1-SF led by Maj. Mahinda Ranasinghe and 2-SF led by Maj. Vipulathilake Ihalage. Golf squad under Capt. Chaminda Gunasekera , Romeo squad under Capt.Kavinda Abeywardene, Echo squad led by Maj. Kosala Wijekone and Delta squad led by Capt. Lasantha Ratnasekera.The Golf and Romeo squads were from 1SF while theEcho and Delta squads were from 2SF.

– 59 division led by Prasanna Silva
– 58 div led by Shavendra Silva
– 53 div led by Kamal Gunaratne
– Task Force 8 led by Col Ravipriya

“.. From the Government side those in the loop were President Mahinda Rajapakse, Presidential secretary Lalith Weeratunga, Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Parliamentarian and Special adviser to the President Basil Rajapakse and then Foreign secretary Palitha Kohona ..”

“..Gotabhaya Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka..”

Photo ( ~ 1st May 2009 )  : Getting ready for a mission, 58 Division GOC Brigadier Shavendra Silva along with 58 Division Brigade Commanders Colonel Sanjay Wanigasinghe, Lt. Colonel Deshapriya Gunawardena and Lt. Colonel Ramesh Fernando along with Special Forces Brigade Commander Colonel Athula Kodippili and Commando Brigade Commander Colonel Ralph Nugera discussing the military plan in Puthumathalan.