Probe into disappearances and abductions in Sri Lanka found 1,830 missing

A Sri Lankan Presidential Commission which investigated into disappearances of persons between 13-09-2006 to 01-10-2009 period, confirmed that 1,830 are still missing. According to the Presidential Commission, 1,830 persons had not been found so far though inquiries were continuing. The missing comprises: Western Province (418), East (614), Vanni (323), Jaffna peninsula (148), NCP (73), Uva (56), Sabaragamuwa (26), Wayamba (31), CP (54) and Southern Province (87).

J. H. S. S. Jayasundera, Secretary to the Commission, said that of the investigated disappearances, 2,382 had been reported from the North, East and the Vanni. This comprises: 186 cases in the Jaffna peninsula, Vanni (453) and East (1,743). He said that of the 2,382 disappeared, 1,297 had been found. Of them 38 persons in the Jaffna peninsula, Vanni (130) and the East (1,129).

The Commission said that of the 1,855 persons abducted during this period,1,290 had been found. Of the 565 persons who had not been found so far included 73 cases reported from the Western Province, 200 (East), 137 (Vanni), 100 (Jaffna peninsula), two (NCP), nine ( Uva), three (Sabaragamuwa), 29 (Wayamba), 4 (CP) and eight (Southern Province).

The Commission further revealed that they had not been able to gather information relating to 746 killings nor identify 511 bodies.

According to information gathered from 408 police stations countrywide, there were altogether 3,652 cases of unresolved disappearances (1830), abductions (565), killings (746) and unidentified bodies (511).

Former High Court Judge and Commissioner of the Presidential Commission Mahanama Thilakaratne told a recent press conference at his office at the BMICH that the complaints had been received from individuals, some of them by way of letters and incidents revealed by the media. According to him, their task would have been much easier if those who had lodged complaints regarding disappearance and abductions informed the local police in case of the missing persons returning. Unfortunately this had not happened, he said.

He said that among the cases which were still being investigated included 100 killings reported between January 1, 2009 to October 1, 2009.