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UN Investigating Video & Photo of Tamil Tiger Commander Ramesh and Ram’s Family

Sources close to United Nation Human Rights Office has revealed that UN Officers are making confidential inquiries into the, recently emerged Vidoe Clips and Photographs of Tamil Tiger Commander Ramesh and Tamil Tiger Commander Ram’s Family.

The Video clip shows Tamil Tiger Commander Ramesh being interrogated and visibly shaken. Investigating Officers from UN have recorded statement from a tamil family who has escaped the final stages of the war,  internment camp and now safely living in Europe. The family has witnessed Ramesh surrenderring to Sri Lankan Military Officers, a statement they made to UN confirmed.

The other photograph shows Tamil Tiger Commander Ram’s wife Subajini, Jeevapiriya (Age 13) and Kaniyakan (Age 10) surrendering to Sri Lankan Military. Ram is believed to be under Sri Lankan Military custody and this photograph of his family is contrary to his recent statement made over internet that his family has been killed during the final stages of the war.

Video Clip – Tamil Tiger Commander Ramesh